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Newcastle-born Keith Brumpton is a children's BAFTA-winning screenwriter, series creator, showrunner, and a development consultant for TV and film. His work encompasses live action, animation, comedy, and drama.

Keith has created original hit TV shows such as ‘M.I.High’ and ‘Captain Abercromby’ (both for the BBC), as well as undertaking writing commissions from around the world - scripting scores of series such as ‘64 Zoo Lane’, ‘Balamory’, and ‘Jungle Book’. His school spy series, ‘M.I. High’ ran to seven series and sold strongly across the globe.

Career highlights as a ‘screenwriter for hire’ include 'Wheely' a full-length animated film recently released in cinemas in over 100 territories, a musical episode of the CBBC's drama, ‘Dumping Ground’, and a comedic W.W.2-themed ‘Waterloo Road’ drama episode for BBC1.

Keith B has undoubtably come up with some of our most memorable recent episodes. He is smart and collaborative and he always thinks big. We value his presence on the team highly.

JONATHAN PHILLIPS producer, CBBC ‘The Dumping Ground’


There are various ways in which I can deliver projects - whether joining existing shows, such as 'The Dumping Ground', bringing added value to well loved and established characters, or troubleshooting where necessary.

Another aspect is assisting clients with the development of new or existing IP, getting involved from the earliest stages of the project. Coming up with or refining characters and stories, and helping to create ‘The World’. Subsequent to this I can assume the role of a ‘showrunner’, both writing scripts and overseeing the storylines of the partner writers.

In addition, I continue to create my own shows such as MI High, working with producers and broadcasters to deliver successful and long running series.

Children's TV has never been more ably produced than this. The concepts alone take some beating, even by the world-shaking standards of Dr Who.

THOM HUTCHINSON reviewing M.I.High in DeathRay magazine’


'The Dumping Ground Series 6:21. Joyless Division' - BBC Series

Don't mention the War
Waterloo Road series 9

Two sides to every Story
Dumping Ground series 6